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  1. The Life of a Dental Student

    bradley lander 2

    Growing up, I have always wanted to pursue a career involving science, largely due to the fact it has always been my favourite and strongest subject. I wanted a career where I could help others with my own ability and skill, as opposed to relying on the use of prescription.

    In addition, there are massive rewards associated with Dentistry as opposed to other medical careers; mainly being able to see the results of your own work from diagnosis until the end of treatment and beyond. This will allow me to see how my work improves the life of a patient, whilst being able to share that experience with them, creating a strong rapport in the process.


    My first thoughts about pursuing a career in Dentistry stem back to my early teens, after having my braces removed. Having such a positive experience throughout this time made me wish I could experience the same happiness I felt, with my own patients, on a daily basis.

    As a patient at The Dental Clinic Radlett ever since I can remember, I have had no major dental treatment. Nonetheless, I have always found attending my appointments with Stuart extremely comfortable and actually relaxing. I am almost certain that my entirely positive experience with the clinic is the core to where my passion to succeed as a Dentist stems from. After all, would you go into a challenging career if you had nothing but hate or fear for it?


    Having previously had no major dental treatment, it was vital to gain a wider overview of what the day-to-day life of a Dentist consisted of. I am very grateful to Stuart who gave me work experience for a full week. During this time, everyone at the clinic was very accommodating, supportive and most notably diligent. It is these types of experiences that shape my future hopes and aspirations, to be able to create a successful team of people, with a similar authenticity, which in turn creates an ideal environment to work in.


    I have now been at Dental School at the University Of Leeds for over 6 months. My favourite thing about the Dental School is the support, encouragement and integration of the older years. On the first day, we were paired with a third year dental parent. As a result, we are integrated with the older years right from the start. This support and encouragement I receive, is similar to that of what I receive of Stuart, who also studied at Leeds.

    Furthermore, the course itself is great. No more boring Biology lessons on the diversity of plants in The Galapagos Islands. I am studying what I enjoy, making the 8.30am lectures on a Monday morning that much easier. Leeds are the earliest starters in terms of clinical work; having already done plaque free scores, and scaling and polishing on phantom heads. Further to this, I will be giving my first anaesthetic after the Easter holidays.


    The social side of things is also unbelievable. The DentsSoc run a number of socials every term, with participation from all 5 years, including the tutors. I will let you imagine the rest.

    My enthusiasm and integration extends to my recent appointment as Leeds’ delegate for the European Dental Student Association. As a result, I am attending a 5 day conference in Slovakia on Sunday, with delegates attending from all across Europe. Exciting times!

    Overall, I could not be happier. I love the city, the university and the course itself.

  2. Kids Smile Fun Day


    Last Thursday was our Kids Smile Fun Day! We dedicated the whole day to treating children, providing free dental check-ups, oral hygiene and diet advice plus we had a magician who kept the children entertained by making balloon models and performing magic tricks throughout the day!

    We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching the kids laugh and having fun! We hope any children that are usually nervous and do not normally like coming to the dentist will now find it an enjoyable experience!


    How can I protect my child’s teeth?

    To reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay and dental erosion:

    •             take your child to the dentist regularly

    •             don’t give your child sugary or acidic foods and drinks often, and if you                  do then try to only give them at mealtimes

    •             encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day with at least                   1,000ppm fluoride toothpaste

    •             encourage your child to spit out toothpaste and not rinse with water, as                  this reduces the effect of the fluoride

    •             ask your dentist about protective treatments such as fluoride                                      supplements and fissure sealants

    If you would like any further advice or would like to book your child in for a check-up please call the practice on 0192385 9678

  3. Same Day Smiles!

    Last week we welcomed Ashley Byrnes at our clinic who runs the award winning Byrnes dental laboratory in Oxford.

    Amongst other things, we discussed the start of a new and very exciting chapter for our practice. Working in tandem with Ashley and his team we have launched `Same Day Smiles` at The Dental Clinic Radlett.

    If you have an old denture or teeth that are failing, we can provide you with dental implants which are attached to your jaw and then we can fix a bridge onto the implants at the same visit. The laboratory work is carried out immediately and on-site. There is now no need to wear a denture whilst your gums heal following the extraction of teeth. The added advantage to placing implants immediately is that it maintains the shape of your jaw and gums which will result in a more natural smile. Furthermore, the unique facility of offering an on-site laboratory technician means that the cosmetic appearance can be designed and constructed with your input whilst the technician makes the bridge.

    The implants for `Same Day Smiles` are placed by an experienced specialist oral surgeon who has years of experience in making sure that the implants are correctly inserted with minimal discomfort and pin-point accuracy. All treatment is planned and coordinated by your dental surgeon to ensure a perfect and seamless transition towards your implant fixed smile.

    If life with a denture has become cumbersome or you have teeth that are failing because of decay or gum disease, same day implant teeth may be your passport to a new and confident smile.

    For more information or to book a free consultation, phone 01923 859678 or e-mail: enquiries@dental-radlett.com; alternatively please visit our website: www.dental-radlett.com to view our special offers or to book on-line.

  4. Sprint to the finish with Cfast!

    adam cfast


    Adam Myeroff has been a patient at our clinic for the past 13 years and he has always come for regular check-ups and hygiene visits. At the beginning of January he decided to go through the process of having his teeth straightened here at the clinic. This treatment is called Cfast which is a rapid and discreet cosmetic tooth alignment procedure.

    After Adam saw pictures of the dramatic changes that can be achieved using cfast, this aroused his interest in straightening his teeth especially because the system is Fast (You will have straight teeth in about six months); Discreet (the wires and brackets are almost invisible); Affordable (the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost).

    Adam visited us in the beginning of January to have the Cfast appliance fitted on his upper and lower teeth.  Since his treatment we have learnt that he will be running in the London Marathon this year on the 13th April!

    He has been training at least 4 or 5 times a week and he has been using the Strava app. The strava app posts to social media sites the location, how far and the time he has run. On Sunday he completed the Watford Half Marathon in 1hr 39mins! Well done Adam! Even though when asked how he found it, he replied ‘I could have done it 5 minutes quicker’. With that response it seems like he is definitely determined and focused in training hard and completing the London Marathon to the best of his ability!

    The charity Adam is running for is Nicki’s Smile which is part of Pancreatic Cancer Uk. Nicki was one of his closest friends. If she was given the correct diagnosis after complaining of stomach pain and muscle weakness there is a very good chance she could still be here today.

    The charity was set up by her husband Dan shortly after Nicki passed away and it is now supported by Pancreatic Cancer UK who will ring fence all monies raised to support research into the early diagnosis of this terrible disease.

    If you would like to donate to this amazing worthy cause please go to Adam’s fundraising page and donate http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AdamMyeroff

    Keep an eye on our blogs to update you on Adam’s progress on training for the London Marathon and also the progress of his teeth getting straighter!


    Watford Half Marathon February 2014 by SussexSportPhotography.com

  5. How important to you is cross-infection in dentistry or any medical environment?




    At the dental clinic last week the whole team sat down and had an update for 4 hours about sterilisation and cross infection. As it turned out the systems we have in place are well above standards and this was proven last month when the CQC (care quality commission) came to visit and praised our clinic for the high standards that we achieve.


    Carmel Maher from Willow Infection Control spoke to us about the HTM 01-05  (Health Technical Memorandom 01-05) and any changes that had been made to it in 2013. We discussed all the changes that have been made to this lengthy document and we discovered that we were already complying with them to the highest standards.  Even though as a practice we are always up-to-date, it was extremely interesting to listen to all the information Carmel gave us in the training, especially hearing the reasons for some of the changes.

    If you would like to know more about our sterilisation policies then please visit our website:


    We are happy for you to pop in anytime to have a look around our practice and facilities.


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