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Dental Veneers


If a dentist is approached by a patient who wishes to have the appearance of their teeth improved it is important to try and understand what detail of their teeth the patient wants to change.

The changes can involve the colour of the teeth, the position of the teeth in the mouth or the shape of the teeth. There are many different cosmetics procedures that will cater for a single change. Where aspects of all three possible changes are desired, dental porcelain veneers (DPV) can often achieve all three.

DPVs are thin layers of porcelain that are placed over the front surfaces of the teeth that need to be changed. Before the veneers are made, your dentist will assess which teeth are to have the veneers by discussing your desired smile change. The selected teeth will be prepared by removing a very thin layer of enamel from the surface. Impressions of the prepared teeth will then be sent to a dental laboratory technician who will make bespoke thin layers of porcelain that fit perfectly over the prepared teeth, the colour having been chosen at the preparation appointment. These DPVs are then bonded on to the prepared teeth by your dentist using special dental bonding adhesives.

The bespoke nature of the process means that whatever smile you are after can be created to specification. So whether it is a dazzling white straight smile or something more subtle, together with your dentists and the laboratory technician, you can become a co-creator in your new smile.

People who have been through this process will tell you that a new smile has changed their life. Where previously they may have developed a habit of placing a hand over their mouth when talking to people or turning away from the camera when a photo is being taken, a new smile gives the confidence to engage socially where previously this was not done.

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