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  1. Here’s why you don’t have to settle for a life without teeth

    why you don't have to settle for life without teeth

    Does the thought of having your missing teeth replaced feel like a daunting and expensive prospect? At The Dental Clinic we offer a variety of restorative dental treatment to suit your lifestyle, wellbeing and budget. From dentures, fixed dentures to bridges and dental implants, there is something for every patient who has one or more teeth missing.


  2. Five things you should know about having your teeth replaced at The Dental Clinic

    things you should know about having missing teeth replaced

    Here at The Dental Clinic we offer patients trusted tooth replacement treatments, for example; dentures, bridges and dental implants. We use two implant systems; Nobel Biocare and Biomet 3i. You may have heard of some of these before and we would be happy to explain how they work in detail at your next appointment or request an appointment now with Lily our Treatment Coordinator.


  3. Got a question about replacing a missing tooth? Here are some answers

    what can be done about missing teeth

    Here at The Dental Clinic Radlett we often see patients who are unhappy with their teeth. Sometimes this is because they have one or more teeth missing; creating gaps in their smile line, making them feel self-conscious. During an initial consultation, we do a thorough oral health check and discuss your treatment options.


  4. New teeth with dental implants

    replacing teeth with dental implants radlett

    Here at The Dental Clinic Radlett we often see patients who have concerns about the appearance of their smile because they have some teeth missing. Often these patients lack the confidence to smile in public because they feel so self conscious about the gaps between their teeth. Over the years we have helped many patients by replacing their missing teeth with dental implants using the well-known Nobel Biocare and Biomet 3i brands.

    To show you some of the results our patients have seen with their teeth, we want to share some video testimonials with you. Click on this link to our website to hear what they have to say about their recent implant treatment and the results.

    If you have any questions about having your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, be sure to book an appointment with us today to discuss your options. Drop into the practice at The Dental Clinic, 359 Watling Street, Radlett, Herts, WD7 7LB or call us on 01923 859678.

    You will also be pleased to know that we offer complimentary consultations if you interested in talking to us further about your treatment options. Click here to book online now.

  5. Dental Implants


    There are a number of reasons why a tooth may be lost. It could be because the tooth has decayed or broken to the point that it cannot be restored. It could also be because the root support has become affected by gum disease and the tooth has become too loose to keep in place.

    Whatever the reason you may find yourself with a missing tooth, there is never any need for you to accept the gap. Dental implants provide a fixed long term solution to tooth loss. Traditionally, when a tooth was missing, the options involved either leaving the gap, placing a denture (which would need to be removed and cleaned each day) or restoring the gap with a bridge. Bridges, like implants, are fixed options. However, their major drawback is that they require the teeth either side of the gap to be filed down and are therefore not particularly conservative.

    Implants on the other had provide a false tooth that is as firm (if not firmer) than natural teeth and without the need to interfere with the teeth either side of the gap. They thus provide a perfect replacement with minimal damage.

    So how do they work? Put simply, the titanium implants are placed in your bone and allowed to integrate. This process is known as “osseointegration” and is the biological process that allows attachments to be made in bone and forms the basis of other medical procedures such as hip replacements. Once the osseointegration process has taken place (and as a rough guide, for dental implants, this is anything between 12-20 weeks depending on the density of your bone), a false tooth (crown or bridge) can be attached to the implant. The implant is therefore acting as a new root.

    If you would like to know more information about how implants can replace your missing teeth, contact the clinic on 01923 859678 and ask to speak to our treatment plan coordinator to arrange a free consultation.

  6. Dental Implants at The Dental Clinic Radlett

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    “I’ve seen adverts for dental implants at £999 and you are quoting £2,500. Why is there such a difference?”


    “We cannot explain how other dental practices arrive at their prices but can we suggest that you ask them the following questions before you proceed to treatment:

    • Is that price for my implant fully restored with the crown on it?
    • How many implants has my dentist placed before mine?
    • Is there a guarantee on your work?
    • Is the implant itself made by a recognised and experienced manufacturer?
    • Are there any hidden costs, such as X-rays and consultations?
    • Is the implant placed in the surgery here or will I have to travel?
    • What is the quality of your customer service?
    • What is the quality of the physical environment in which the service is delivered?
    • What is your protocol on after-sales care?
    • What happens if something goes wrong?
    • Will I see the same dentist every time?
    • Is there a waiting list?

    We are quite happy to answer all of these questions very openly and we know that our answers will build your confidence and security.

    At The Dental Clinic we focus our energies on delivering the best clinical care and customer service. For more information please visit our website.

    If you would like a complimentary consultation please do not hesitate to book an appointment by calling us on 01923859678 or contact us.

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