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  1. How your diet affects your oral health: an infographic

    how diet affects your child's teeth

    Did you know that eating very acidic foods on a regular basis can have a negative impact on your teeth? Here at The Dental Clinic we often see younger patients for routine checkups and spend a lot of time educating them and their parents about the impact of diet on their oral health.


  2. Dental Hygiene


    This month at The Dental Clinic we are promoting good oral hygiene!

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your mouth. Your gums are the foundations for your teeth, they need to be healthy to support them. Gum disease is also linked to lots of other health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

    If your gums are inflamed, red or bleed on brushing this can be an early sign of gum disease. Halitosis (bad breath) can also be a sign of bad oral hygiene. There are many ways to get your gums back to being pink and healthy.

    Here are some helpful tips below on how to maintain a healthy mouth!

    • Brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste
    • Floss or use  inter-dental brushes at least every other day
    • Regular  visit your dentist (every 6 months)
    • Regular visit your hygienist (every 2-6 months depending on what your hygienist has recommended)
    • Eat a balanced diet and limit snacks between meals
    • If your gums bleed on brushing, ignore the bleeding! Keep brushing!

    A Dental Hygienist’s job is to help prevent and treat gum disease. They professionally clean your teeth and show you the best way to remove plaque. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth. If not brushed away properly, this hardens to form tartar, which you can’t remove yourself.

    As well as offering our original hygiene clean, we now offer ‘The Gleam Clean’. This is for patients with heavier staining as a result of red wine/tobacco/coffee/tea use. This treatment includes the use of the ultrasonic scaler, hand instrumentation followed by an intensive air polishing jet.

    To book an appointment for a hygiene clean please call the practice on 01923859678.


  3. School Visit

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    As a dental hygienist my role can be quite varied and extremely interesting!!!

    Recently I was invited to Hertsmere Jewish Primary School where I was lucky enough to spend some time with 60 fabulous children in Year 3 (ages 7-8).

    As part of the national curriculum the children have to learn all about teeth, good oral hygiene and diet. They had already learnt so much from their teachers and were very vocal in sharing all their knowledge with me .

    Together we discussed how to brush teeth correctly and the children loved using the demonstration models to practise on. They were very interested in looking at x-rays and learning the names and different functions of the teeth.

    We chatted about healthy and unhealthy snacks and even discussed the tooth fairy!

    All of the children were given a little goodie bag to take home and I was thrilled to receive beautiful thank you cards from them.

    I hoped they enjoyed the visit as much as I did.

    – Tracy Silverstein (Hygienist)

  4. Another successful Kids Day!


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    Thursday 31st July saw another successful Kids smile fun day held at the practice. The whole day was dedicated to treating and educating children in a fun and relaxed environment.

    Michael the magician was back again to entertain the children with his fabulous magic tricks and balloon modelling! Tracey was also on hand to give oral hygiene and diet advice.

    Every child that attended the practice for their free check-up also received a raffle ticket for our prize draw which was held at the end of the day!

    Prizes included:

    1st prize: £50 amazon voucher

    2nd prize: £25 iTunes voucher

    3rd prize: Top of the range electric toothbrush

    Well done to all the winners!

    It was an extremely fun day and very rewarding seeing the kids enjoying themselves and taking in all the information from Simon, Stuart and Tracy!

    Don’t forget to make sure your children brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day, visit the dentist every 6 months and limit sugary food and drinks!

  5. Kids’ smile fun day

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    This month we will be repeating our highly successful kids’ fun day. Last held in March this year, this great event attracted a large crowd all eager to join in the fun.

    Kids’ fun day is designed to make a visit to the dentist fun and informative. Throughout the day, a children’s entertainer is on hand to wow the children with magic tricks and balloon modelling. Both dentists, Simon and Stuart, including our hygienist Tracy are also on hand for the entire day to offer free check-ups and group sessions to show the children how to keep their teeth healthy. These interactive sessions allow the children to ask questions and are encouraged to help them develop sensible hygiene and diet regimes.

    Primarily, the day is also designed to de-mystify the dental surgery environment and allow children to develop a positive experience to visiting our dental surgery, thus ensuring a willingness to regularly attend in the future. Studies have shown that early positive experiences in clinical settings at a young age are very important in the level of comfort adults feel at a dental surgery later on in life.

    In addition this year we are introducing a free raffle prize draw for every child attending the fun day with great prizes including Amazon and iTunes vouchers.

    Appointments can be booked in advance for your child’s free dental check up with Simon or Stuart. Alternatively you can turn up on the day to enjoy the children’s’ entertainer and join in one of the group oral health education sessions with Tracy which are held on the hour, every hour throughout the day.

    Our kids’ fun day is on Thursday 31st July from 10 am to 4 pm (with the practice closed between 1-2pm). We look forward to seeing you all on the day to help share the magic.

  6. Kids Smile Fun Day


    Last Thursday was our Kids Smile Fun Day! We dedicated the whole day to treating children, providing free dental check-ups, oral hygiene and diet advice plus we had a magician who kept the children entertained by making balloon models and performing magic tricks throughout the day!

    We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching the kids laugh and having fun! We hope any children that are usually nervous and do not normally like coming to the dentist will now find it an enjoyable experience!


    How can I protect my child’s teeth?

    To reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay and dental erosion:

    •             take your child to the dentist regularly

    •             don’t give your child sugary or acidic foods and drinks often, and if you                  do then try to only give them at mealtimes

    •             encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day with at least                   1,000ppm fluoride toothpaste

    •             encourage your child to spit out toothpaste and not rinse with water, as                  this reduces the effect of the fluoride

    •             ask your dentist about protective treatments such as fluoride                                      supplements and fissure sealants

    If you would like any further advice or would like to book your child in for a check-up please call the practice on 0192385 9678

  7. Kids smile fun day!


    We are in the process of organising a day at the dental clinic just for kids!

    We will be open all day on Thursday 20th February just for children to give free diet advice, oral hygiene instruction and dental examinations.

    We will have a kid’s entertainer and children’s DVDs playing in both reception areas.

    If you find it hard to get your children to brush their teeth or to eat healthy foods, our Kids Smile Fun Day will be the perfect excuse to get your children to come for a free check-up and to be shown effective tooth brushing techniques; they will also learn about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods in a fun environment. Tracy our hygienist will be giving informative instructions and demonstrations on the hour every hour!

    YOU DON’T NEED TO BE REGISTERED WITH US! Even if you have not been seen for a long time or do not have a dentist… Don’t worry! Every child is welcome!

    Ring us now to book an appointment on 01923859678 or just pop in on the day!

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